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Sunday, August 13, 2006

My big project

So my most recent 30 or so diary posts (in reverse chronological order) were basically written to be read as a single rather long essay. They were intended to be a beginning example of how I feel research on the topic of 9/11 may want to model itself. Given the fact that possibly relevant information has disappeared from the internet (and no doubt will continue to) I think documentation with screenshots may be an important technique. IMO, mirroring information is not as effective a way to document that a certain site contained such and such information at a certain time.

Likely, this essay won't persuade many people to re-examine 9/11. Nonetheless, I felt I had to attempt it. Anyway, below follows a link list to my various posts in the essay. I plan to post some more in the future as well, which I will link to from here. The Fair Use notice should be taken as applying to all of the following posts.
More recent postings on 9/11:
The Secret Service in NYC on 9/11

The importance of getting 9/11 right
The Internet Archive and the Rules of Disinformation
The Office of Strategic Influence
Fair use notice - quotes from the 9/11 reading room
9/11 Commission report article versions a & b
Screenshots documenting changed and unchanged Pravda stories
September 11: The world will always remember
Misrepresenting photographic evidence
Potential examples of potential 9/11 internet evidence being changed
More on DCANG
War games and exercises
Amalgam Virgo I
Amalgam Virgo II
Budget shots re: Amalgam Virgo + Amalgam Warrior
Amalgam Warrior description
Some strangeness re: Amalgam Warrior
Amalgam Warrior shots
Positive Force '01
The Office of National Preparedness
Pre-9/11 intelligence
Quotes about the 9/11 exercises
9/11 internet duels - Who (if anyone) is correct?
911Myths... Reading between the lies: a partial review
Possible examples of possible physical evidence re: 9/11 being destroyed
Former 9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland on the 9/11 Commission
More on the 9/11 Commission
To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question...
AWACS in training and exercises on 9/11
In conclusion


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