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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Debunking Debunking 911myths.com

Debunking 911 myths has an exclusive essay with a new picture showing the major damage to the south face of WTC 7. Check out an archived view of their page here

I've added some black lines and blown it up a bit in an attempt to show the camera angle and determine where the shot was taken from and what it actually shows. The Verizon building (far left) has 9 floors of windows above ground story archways before the wedding cake tier effect starts on the next level up as you can see from the second to last picture (top left building, click on the photo to see a larger version (which can be further enlarged)). Therefore, we can conclude that the bottom horizontal line which I've drawn is roughly 2 stories up from ground level. WTC 7 (or smoke, as the case may be)starts to become more visible at approximately the 4th floor. Around the 5th and sixth floors we begin to see actual south facing side of WTC 7 with damage (below that level, I think mostly we see rubble, smoke and damage to the west side of WTC 7). However, because of the severe foreshortening of the south face of WTC 7 (which I've attempted to illustrate with lines drawn from other buildings) it is difficult to tell the extent of the damage to the south side of WTC 7, except that we can probably safely assume that we are seeing the damage to the lower floors of the southwest corner, which we already knew were damaged. See the NYPD photo for the damage down to about the 10th or 11th floor. Now we have a picture of the damage to the southwest corner of WTC 7 which shows us another 5 floors or so, and a bit of the south side of the building. Yay, I guess. The vertical line which I've drawn midway up on WTC 6 (far right) is presumably the roofline of some building, though I'm not quite sure which one.. Obviously, quite a bit of what we see below that line is likely to be various floors of WTC 7 but most of that area is rather vague to say the least. Based on my drawn lines and the parallel lines which intersect, I'm going to say that that picture was probably taken from approximately the position of the firefighter on the far right of picture # 3, or perhaps slightly to the right. That's an approximation only. Once again, we have yet another photograph with a camera angle which seems almost (or perhaps entirely) designed to exaggerate whatever damage was on the south face of WTC 7. I'm still waiting to see that 20 story scoop out of 1/3 of the south face picture, folks. Oh, also, lately the last photo and the accompanying video have been making the rounds. I have just one word for you: solarium. Glass does break in the presence of flying concrete and steel, or so I've heard, at any rate.


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