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Thursday, July 27, 2006

War games and exercises

This is a very large topic about which books can and should be written- pre-9/11 and 9/11 (and near vicinity- Tripod II FEMA exercise scheduled to begin on September 12 in NYC) exercises by various military, government and other agencies which may have been related to the events on the day of 9/11. Some of these exercises may have helped with consequence management, some may have slowed, interfered with and/or paralysed response to the events of the day. I will only attempt to look at a few of these exercises in any depth- primarily Amalgam Virgo and Amalgam Warrior.
Also of interest- the NRO/CIA exercise involving a plane crashing into a building on 9/11 and Positive Force '01 (held in late April, it seems to have involved many of the departments and agencies which would be holding exercises on or around 9/11)

For a more complete list of such exercises you might try a few of the following sites (though I have not checked into their research on the topics, so I only mention them as a point from which further research could be taken if so desired)

Below are a few screenshots from articles on a few of the other exercises (note that they quote or are written by named sources):


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