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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some strangeness re: Amalgam Warrior

Strangeness- note the redirect on the example Internet Archive from European Security and that neither date matches the date given on the page which appears. You can try this with other page examples as well- check out the Internet Archive on these pages, for instance-


Also, pay attention to the URLs shown at the bottom of the screen as well as at the top (these are from hovering over a link on the page). Does an exercise which apparently occurred in November of '97 really make news as a recent exercise in August of 2001? Apparently so...

Amalgam Warrior '98 - compare such things as the light and shadow on the plane and the air currents in front of it to verify that these are the same photo on different pages

archives of Air Force Link News hovering over the Aug 2001 link

August 2001 archives of Air Force Link News (hovering over the link to the article AWACS crew calls it a day)

the story AWACS crew calls it a day (hovering over the link to the picture) note the reference to the recent air defense exercise

an article with a similar dateline and description, but with an actual picture showing; hovering over the AFPN link- compare with the link from the prior page (no Internet Archive shot available to check on the date of the web page)

same article but hovering over the photo link

a similar article URL to try to determine if the article URLs are organized by date on the site

Internet Archive record for the comparison article

opening up the link- note the difference between the URL shown at the top of the page (which matches the Internet Archive date) and the page which it says is opening at the bottom of the page. This is the first website which I've run across which has this happen from a direct IA page

the new page opens with tothat day's date in the URL but with a date on the webpage of 13 Mars 2005- different from today's date and the IA page date both. I have no idea what this all means, it just seems odd to me, so I thought it was worth documenting.

And finally (I hope) on this subject we have this record:


(which hopefully demonstrates that this picture was probably at least 2 years old when it was being called "news" from a "recent" Amalgam Warrior exercise)

See how crazy, convoluted and complicated these things get?


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