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Thursday, July 27, 2006

September 11: The world will always remember

But something like the Pravda disappearing photos couldn't happen here, because we will never forget September 11th, right?

September 11: The world will always remember

So read the pages on UPI's photo gallery according to the Internet Archives. So I guess that must mean that those images and pages might be worth saving? I tried to do a few searches on phrases like "Manhattan billow smoke" and "depicting the World Trade Center being hit" to see if I still could find the images on the internet (aside from in the internet archives). I didn't have any luck. I guess The world will still always remember, though, so it's okay if I can't easily find any particular picture, right? Save 'em if ya see 'em is my personal recommendation here...

Perhaps you are thinking, "Well, it's just a few photos and articles; no biggie." Well, let's take a quick look at some of the uses for "a few photos and articles"


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