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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Possible examples of possible physical evidence re: 9/11 being destroyed

The following are exerpts from (Report No. CC-2004-003)
a report from the Office of the Secretary of Transportation to The Honorable John McCain, dated May 4th, 2004:

Dear Mr. Chairman:
In response to your request, we initiated an investigation, dividing it into two parts. We investigated (a) FAA’s reported lack of responsiveness in providing the Commission with requested documents and materials, prompting the Commission to issue a subpoena for records on October 16, 2003; and (b) a specific allegation that FAA had destroyed an audiotape that had been made at its New York Air Route Traffic Control Center2 (New York Center) of controller accounts of their actions and observations on September 11, 2001, shortly following the attacks.
We found that a single cassette tape-recording was made at the Center on September 11—beginning around 11:40 a.m. and lasting about an hour—of controllers giving first-hand accounts of their actions in interacting with, or tracking, two of the hijacked aircraft that morning. We identified six controllers who gave tape-recorded witness statements, each being approximately 5-10 minutes long.
We were told that nobody ever listened to, transcribed, or duplicated the tape. When one of the six controllers asked to listen to the tape in preparing her written statement, the Quality Assurance Manager told her that the tape was not meant for anyone to hear. Per FAA policy, controllers are afforded the opportunity to review radar data and radio transcripts before submitting written statements; however, this manager declined this controller’s request to listen to her own oral statement. This same controller said she again asked to listen to the tape, at the time of the Commission’s interviews (between September-October 2003), but did not know its whereabouts.
The Quality Assurance Manager told us that sometime between December 2001 and February 2002, he destroyed the tape of his own volition, by crushing the cassette case in his hand, cutting the tape into small pieces, and then depositing the pieces in trash cans throughout the Center. He advised that he felt strongly that the tape never should have been made.

More potential examples can be found at 9-11 Research - Evidence Destruction


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