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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Positive Force '01

From an article entitled Positive Force '01: America's Assessment for Readiness
During the last two weeks in April 2001, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) took part in a worldwide command post exercise sponsored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff known as Positive Force '01. This exercise involved the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and its major activities more than any previous exercise. The mission of Positive Force, which last took place in 1998, is to evaluate the National Defense Community's ability to respond with timely deployment, mobilization and/or sustainment decisions.

Participants for this comprehensive exercise included members of the armed forces, members of the Unified Combatant Commands, the Departments of State, Transportation, Justice, and Health and Human Services, DLA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Defense and the Central Intelligence Agencies, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office, as well as many other agencies. The Positive Force exercise prepared these organizations for a wide variety of trials, including such proceedings as noncombatant evacuation operations and repatriation, cyber attacks, and Information Operations events, such as rail disruption, intrusion into computer systems, and/or power outages. During the exercise, the Logistics Readiness Center and Crisis Action Team were on 24-hour manning with 12-hour shifts.

Note the participating departments and groups listed above: DoD, NRO, FEMA, CIA, DOT (overseeing body for the FAA, Noram Mineta secretary).

From an article called DLA Diversity Team Keeps Momentum
Positive Force 01 involved DLA
resources more than previous exercises,
and encompassed many CINC
and DoD agencies major exercises
such as Reception Staging and
Onward Movement and Integration
(RSOI), Turbo Challenge and
Amalgam Warrior into one.

From an article called Nine DLA Members Awarded Medals
for Role in Exercise Positive Force '01

"The real success achieved during
Positive Force was reflected in how
the Agency responded to the events
of 9-11," Petrucelli said. "Again, the
total force team of DLA, the active
reserve and civilians stepped forward
and made things happen seamlessly.
All this is made possible because of
DLA's active participation and commitment
to joint exercises.

a. POSITIVE FORCE (PF) Series. Conducted every 18 months, PF is a
large, worldwide exercise that focuses on the Department of Defense’s ability
to conduct large-scale military operations and to coordinate the operations
among NCA, combatant commanders, Services, and combat support
agencies. Major themes cover the continuum of operations: mobilization,
deployment, employment, sustainment, crisis termination, and

The 9/11 commission mentions being briefed on this exercise by the DoD in a footnote.


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