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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Misrepresenting photographic evidence

Exhibit A: compare the following images in light of the claims FEMA makes about smoke from the WTC 7 fire (from Chapter 5 of FEMA's WTC report)using the second one and the second to last one. The first image is a site map provided by FEMA in an earlier chapter. Judging from the other photos which I've looked at it seems pretty accurate in terms of scale, layout, etc. The text for the second image reads as follows:
Figure 5-17
Building damage to the southwest corner and smoke plume from south face of WTC 7 looking from the World Financial Plaza. Note damage to WFC 3 in the foreground.
The perspective in image 2 (according to FEMA taken at 3:36 PM) nicely obscures the fact that in order to see WTC 7 (the red building)in this picture one must first look over the Winter Garden, across West Street (which appears to be about six lanes wide at this point), over the ruins (and through the smoke) of WTC 6, an 8 story building which was on fire that day and across Vesey street. You can't even see the Verizon building (or WTC 6 for that matter) in this photo, but it lies more or less between WFC 3 and WTC 7. It's the building with the big flag on top in image 4. The ruins of WTC 7 are next to (looking up in the picture) it. Image 5 shows the WTC 7 ruins (top middle) beside the Verizon building and above the ruins of WTC 6. Yet the second image is often used as evidence as to the raging inferno on the South side of WTC 7 (see for example the images on the page from 911myths WTC7 Fire). No one doubts the fact that smoke was coming out of WTC 7, including on the south side of the building. Neglecting to mention the fact that WTC 6 smoke is in these pictures (and is often being shot through) seems just a tad disingenous to me. The other images should help clarify the perspective a bit, I hope. WTC 6 is the 8 story tall ruins that looks like a big hand smushed it. The quote from FEMA on the screenshot (next to last image) reads as follows:
Figure 5-18 WTC 7, with a large volume of dark smoke rising from it, just visible behind WFC 1 (left). A much smaller volume of white smoke is seen rising from the base of WTC 7. Note that the lower lighter colored smoke (to right) is thought to be from the two collapsed towers
I've helpfully labelled my screenshot with a few words, just in case the shot is unclear. Compare again with their site plan map (first image) to get a sense of where the two FEMA images might have been shot from.

Personally, I think the shot was taken from a slightly different location, since the northwest corner of WTC 7 appears peeking out from behind the northwest corner of WFC 1, but the picture gets across the basic idea pretty well nonetheless. (credit to WTC7.net)
Finally, one screenshot which I'll refer to only as WTC smoke. After all, I wouldn't want to misrepresent which buildings that smoke might be coming from. Post office is on the left, WTC 7 is on the right. WTC 5 is center left, WTC 6 is center right.


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