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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some Richard Perle quotes reported by Eli Lake

Iranian Dissident to Seek Support For Opposition
The admiration is mutual. Of Mr. Fakhravar, Mr. Perle said, "He is very impressive. I formed that opinion by talking to him on the telephone. It is even more evident in person. He is obviously a man of great courage and conviction. He has been enormously frustrated at the lack of outside support, not just from the United States but the free world generally."

Pentagon Is Winner Over CIA By ELI LAKE
- Staff Reporter of the Sun

May 8, 2006

reposted here

The former chairman of the Defense Policy Board, Richard Perle, said he does not expect the next CIA director to have better luck with leakers. "The crackdown on leaking will make people more careful," he said, adding that leakers at the CIA will just get information out through former CIA officers who are cleared to get the information.

"Until they get serious about leaks, which is to put people on polygraphs after every major leak, it is going to go on. Remember, this is an institution that is steeped in covert operations and misinformation. We train people to lie and we are shocked when they lie."

Makiya, a Rights Activist, Also Gets a Visit

In Washington, supporters of Mr. Chalabi were shocked at the decision by American authorities to raid his house.

A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Richard Perle, said, “As far as I know, the CPA has not arrested a single individual responsible for acts on Americans. And they managed to find the resources to go after the INC. I think this is appalling, a disgrace.”


Free Iraqi Leader Offers To Address Congress

A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Richard Perle, said, “I don’t believe he has ever been given top U.S. classified information, let alone anything of a highly classified nature….I believe the whole operation is politically motivated. The accusations, the embellishment of the accusations, I believe this is fundamentally malicious and politically motivated by people who became fearful that Ahmad Chalabi might emerge as a major figure in Iraq.”


Lieberman, Kyl Focus On Islamic Terror STRATEGY FOR VICTORY SOUGHT

"Speaking from his summer home in France, Mr. Perle told the Sun he plans on joining the committee when he returns to America. He said the real rift within the Republican Party today was with what he called “paleoconservatives.”

“They are reverting to a brand of isolationism. If they understood the danger, they would be prepared to make a more robust effort to counter it. The emphasis of the Democratic party is on easy ways of providing security like signing agreements. They don’t like taking risks or resorting to the use of force,” he said."

Undersecretary of Defense Feith Quits; Strong Proponent of the War in Iraq

"Mr. Perle said that didn't surprise him: "He gets up every day at 4 am and leaves the office at 7 pm He doesn't have any time to spend with his four young children. And that is a relationship that is very important to him."

Rice Tells Mullahs That Democracy On the Way to Iran reposted here

"Mr. Perle said that through his conversations with Mr Batebi he is persuaded that the opposition in Iran yearns to hear the kind of words Ms. Rice said yesterday. "They are hoping to get a message through to the administration, they need moral support, there has been no suggestion that they want military intervention or anything like that. They want Americans to know they have been deprived of basic human rights and want Americans to support them," Mr. Perle said."

Bush Poised To Move His Afghanistan Envoy to Baghdad

"Richard Perle was also pleased by the news. "He's very capable. He has done an excellent job in Afghanistan. He has White House experience which will be invaluable in his service as ambassador in Baghdad," he said yesterday"

Senator Voinovich Forces a Delay In Bolton Vote

"A friend of Mr. Bolton and former Pentagon adviser, Richard Perle, said yesterday that the delay in the vote was a "setback." "It's a setback, but it is by no means lost," he said.

Carney Upends Democrats in Pennsylvania

"Mr. Perle, who was Mr. Jackson's national security adviser, said he would support Mr. Carney's candidacy. "I think he is a very smart, capable guy," he said."

Bush To Detail Diplomatic Priorities

An adviser to the president during his 2000 campaign, Richard Perle, said, "If I were a dictator I would start to worry about this. Regimes that mistreat their own people will ultimately mistreat others. The president is going to do what he can to counter them."

Mr. Perle, one of the top advisors to the governor on foreign policy, said that he was sure Mr. Bush would oppose pressuring Israel to make concessions with which it was uncomfortable. "Any public figure is going to be cautious commenting about the details of a sensitive negotiation of which he is not fully informed. If the results are unsatisfactory," Mr. Perle added, "I have no doubt Governor Bush will make his view very clear."

Critics of the Clinton administration's Iraq policy point out that Mr. Gore sent the INC a similar letter of support in 1993, but that America later abandoned the group, leaving scores of Iraqi freedom fighters to be slaughtered when Saddam's forces moved into Northern Iraq in 1996. The administration has also lagged in implementing the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. "This is the same administration that has sabotaged the Iraq Liberation Act at every opportunity. They have refused to spend the money allocated, they have done the utmost to sow dissension among the Iraqi people. Their idea of a concrete proposal is sending wooden desks to London for the use of the Iraqi opposition," said a man who served as assistant secretary of defense during the Reagan administration, Richard Perle. Mr. Perle is a foreign-policy adviser to Governor Bush.


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