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Thursday, April 27, 2006

information on categories workarounds for blogger

These are some links to various ways that people have found to work around the whole lack of blogger categories issue. I think they all probably have +s and -s. Anyway, you can check them out for yourself (or search for more, this is not a complete listing) and see which one will best meet your needs. Good luck!

using technorati/del.icio.us combination keyword tags on posts as a way to categorize (from Ken's Meme Deflector via Freshblog)

A way to convert tags to blog search links (from the Blog Bloke @ InstaBLOKE... a bloggers natural resource)

a javascript template addition (from Pappmaskin Diaré Techblog)

using multiple blogs for categories (from oldcola)

and a summary of different Blogger hacks (including some or all of the above and more) can be found over at Freshblog
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