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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Technorati Chart: arthritis bedding

I thought I'd make a little chart up to see how much overlap we get from the arthritis-bedding splogger:

Posts that contain Arthritis Bedding per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart
Get your own chart!

(thanks to fellow splog tracker jd @ Grain of Salt for the inspiration)

Just too cute for words: Fun Blog On Bedding � Facts about arthritis

What has bedding got to do with arthritis? Apparently, a whoole lot. Found this entry tagged as Fun Blog On Bedding � Facts about arthritis


Splog Reporter : Cleaning up the blogosphere one splog at a time.

Thanks to blummy, I now have a bookmark for Splog Reporter : Cleaning up the blogosphere one splog at a time. in my bookmarks. Die, splogs, die!

Technorati Tag: arthritis-tips

Yet another splog tag on arthritis:

Technorati Tag: arthritis-tips

blummy - The bookmarklet management bookmarklet

I just want to say, I think that blummy is very cool. Check it out for yourself, and I think you will see what I mean.

blummy - The bookmarklet management bookmarklet

wassertanzen: , ,

add bedding-info to the splog list


I think we can safely remove a few of these as well...

Sploggers are currently splogging with the tags:

another way to find splogs

You can find them by looking at the most popular technorati tag list. Take currently popular tag for example. No posts for the last month to that topic and them suddenly sploggers pick it up and the topic is filled. Splogs, galore. I'm sure I'll find more. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

pingomatic vs. pingoat

I'm going to try using Pingoat for awhile instead of my usual Pingomatic to see whether I notice any difference in terms of where my blog gets pinged to.

I got a new idea- splog tagging

I don't know whether anyone else will pick up on it and/or whether it will be useful, but I was reading something or other about splogs and I decided to start a new account over at my del.icio.us to tag them. The idea is that if others join the splog fighting network they can start sending me ones they find as well. Pointless? Perhaps, but it is kind of fun. Need a hint on where to find splogs? Well, you could try looking here They tend to be pretty obvious from title alone. I think the "some title" titled splogs are just too original for words...

the down side of del.icio.us tagroll categorising

is that if you add a site not on your blog to your del.icio.us, it shows up on your blog. Well, that's not really so bad...
Anyway, I just stumbled a site that I thought was interesting enough to add to my del.icio.us, so I may as well blog about it, I suppose. KBCafe tag search will track tags you are interested in and you can subscribe to feeds for ones that interest you in various ways yahoo, google reader, by email, etc. Sort of like Icerocket, but searches tags.

still trying to get the code right to tag an image

Well, I will keep working on it.

Friday, April 28, 2006

A work in progress

I've been working towards coming up with a good visualization image for Robert J. Sawyer's website as a whole. This is still a work in progress, but I'll post what I have done so far with it. Ideally, I would like to see the keywords in density cloud relationships (bigger font = more search results for the word) but I'm not sure that I will get that part of it completed; it's a big project. Anyway, the concept was/is to take a somewhat modified version of his book themes + some of my ideas as far as overall site themes and come up with a few relationships between his identified themes and to include some related keywords (which appear on at least 5% of the pages on his site) for each theme. I've tried to come up with color scemes which I think will fit well- green for life, red for death, shades of blue for immortality/artificial intelligence. Darker shades for external space, lighter for internal space, Yellow for past, cyan for present, and magenta for future. Obviously, I haven't perfected this by any means, at this point. But I do at least have a fairly well visualized concept in mind. The major portion of the relationship color "star" will be a six pointed star with psychology on the inside of the star and cosmology/religion on the outside. I think evolution probably belongs more towards the inside as well. THere are a few loose ends, but overall, I think it forms a fairly coherent picture (at least as I envision it). Anyway, still in the preliminary stages, but I want to save it for now, so I thought I'd go ahead and post what I have at this point.


Love and Marriage

"Where the Heart Is" (1992) Fossil Hunter (1993) End of an Era (1994) Starplex (1996) Frameshift (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) Flashforward (1999) Calculating God (2000) Hybrids (2003) "Relativity" (2003) Mindscan (2005)

Infidelity or Contemplated Infidelity

Golden Fleece (1990) End of an Era (1994) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Starplex (1996) Flashforward (1999)

Parent-Child Relationship

Far-Seer (1992) Fossil Hunter (1993) Foreigner (1993) Frameshift (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) Flashforward (1999) Calculating God (2000) Hominids (2002) "Relativity" (2003) Mindscan (2005) "Flashes" (2006)

keywords- male female family mother father son daughter relationship husband wife

(present - biological)

Abortion / Birth Control / New Reproductive Technologies

Far-Seer (1992) Fossil Hunter (1993) Foreigner (1994) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Frameshift (1997) Calculating God (2000) Hominids (2002) Hybrids (2003) Mindscan (2005)

Far-Seer (1992)
Foreigner (1994) "Above It All" (1996) Frameshift (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) Flashforward (1999) "Shed Skin" (2002) "Flashes" (2006)

Terminal Illness

End of an Era (1994) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Frameshift (1997) Calculating God (2000) Mindscan (2005)

Murder (17) (
Golden Fleece (1990) "Just Like Old Times" (1993)
Foreigner (1994) The Terminal Experiment (1995) "Peking Man" (1996) "The Hand You're Dealt" (1997) Frameshift (1997) Illegal Alien (1997) Flashforward (1999) "Iterations" (2000) Hominids (2002)

EXTRATERRESTRIAL (15)(space: cosmic; time: future) - (biological or artificial)

First Contact (18)

"Motive" (1980)
Foreigner (1994) End of an Era (1994) Starplex (1996) "Peking Man" (1996) Illegal Alien (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) "Stream of Consciousness" (1999) "Mars Reacts!" (1999) Calculating God (2000) Hominids (2002)

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (18))

Golden Fleece (1990) End of an Era (1994) "You See But You Do Not Observe" (1995) Factoring Humanity (1998) Calculating God (2000) "The Shoulders of Giants" (2000) "Ineluctable" (2002) Mindscan (2005)

discover explore explores exploration species star trek planet planets stars ship beings aliens universe galaxy moon space stations extraterrestrial mars astronomy flight ships crew interstellar flying starship solar cosmic orbit

(present/future - artificial ) / COMPUTERS

Number (19) - Crunching

Golden Fleece (1990) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Factoring Humanity (1998) Flashforward (1999)

Artificial Intelligence

"Motive" (1980)
Golden Fleece (1990) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Factoring Humanity (1998) Hominids (2002) Mindscan (2005)

Scanning Brains (14) and/or Duplicating Them Inside a Computer (20)

Golden Fleece (1990) "Where the Heart Is" (1992) Foreigner (1994) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Flashforward (1999) Calculating God (2000) "Iterations" (2000) "Shed Skin" (2002) Mindscan (2005)

keywords- quantum computers technology artificial intelligence intelligent consciousness reason thinking brain brains minds knowledge memory internet electronic

Immortality (13)(Figurative and Literal) ( - mostly future biological or artificial)

The Terminal Experiment (1995) Starplex (1996) Frameshift (1997) "Forever" (1997) Flashforward (1999) Calculating God (2000) "Immortality" (2003)


The Devil as a Character / Hell as a Place
"If I'm Here, Imagine Where They Sent My Luggage" (1980) "The Contest" (1980) "Fallen Angel" (1999) "Above It All" (1996)

God as a Character (18)

"The Contest" (1980)
Fossil Hunter (1993) Calculating God (2000)

Mundane Beings Becoming Gods (15)

Golden Fleece (1990) Fossil Hunter (1993) End of an Era (1993) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Starplex (1996)


Golden Fleece (1990) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Frameshift (1997) Mindscan (2005)

Whether there can be Scientific (19) Proof (14) for Matters of Faith (14)

Far-Seer (1992) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Frameshift (1997) Illegal Alien (1997) Calculating God (2000) "Come All Ye Faithful" (2003) Hybrids (2003)

The Conflict (14) Between Religion (17) and Science (27)

Far-Seer (1992) Fossil Hunter (1993) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Illegal Alien (1997) Calculating God (2000) Hominids (2002) Humans (2003) "Come All Ye Faithful" (2003) Hybrids (2003)

The Anthropic Principle

End of an Era (1994) Starplex (1996) Flashforward (1999) Calculating God (2000)

Frank (15) Tipler's Omega Point Theory (16)

Flashforward (1999) "Iterations" (2000)

PSYCHOLOGY (space: mostly internal - local or cosmic; time: past/present/future)

Biology Determining Psychology

"Motive" (1980)
Far-Seer (1992) Fossil Hunter (1993) Foreigner (1994) End of an Era (1994) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Starplex (1996) Illegal Alien (1997) Calculating God (2000) "Ineluctable" (2002) Hybrids (2003) "Relativity" (2003) Mindscan (2005)

Psychotherapy / Counseling / Psychological Testing

Golden Fleece (1990) Foreigner (1994) End of an Era (1994) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Starplex (1996) Frameshift (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) Humans (2002)


False Accusation

Golden Fleece (1990) Illegal Alien (1997) Frameshift (1997)Factoring Humanity (1999) Hominids (2002)

Courtroom Drama

"Motive" (1980) "Just Like Old Times" (1993)
Frameshift (1997) Illegal Alien (1997) Hominids (2002) Mindscan (2005)

Paleontology (time: past space: local or cosmic)

"If I'm Here, Imagine Where They Sent My Luggage" (1981)
Far-Seer (1992) Fossil Hunter (1993) "Just Like Old Times" (1993) Foreigner (1993) End of an Era (1994) "Lost in the Mail" (1995) "Peking Man" (1996) "Forever" (1997) "Gator" (1997) Calculating God (2000)

Time Travel (past/future space: local or cosmic)

"If I'm Here, Imagine Where They Sent My Luggage" (1981) "Just Like Old Times" (1993)
End of an Era (1994) Starplex (1996) Flashforward (1999) "On the Surface" (2003)

Canada (space : external; local time: past/present/future)

"Ours to Discover" (1982) "Where the Heart Is" (1992) End of an Era (1994) "Lost in the Mail" (1995) The Terminal Experiment (1995) Frameshift (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) Flashforward (1999) Calculating God (2000) Hominids (2002) "The Stanley Cup Caper" (2003) Humans (2003) Hybrids (2003) Mindscan (2005)


Fossil Hunter (1993) The Terminal Experiment (1995) "Peking Man" (1996) Frameshift (1997) Illegal Alien (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) "Mars Reacts!" (1999) Calculating God (2000) Hominids (2002)


Frameshift (1997) "The Hand You're Dealt" (1997) Calculating God (2000) Humans (2003) Hybrids (2003)

keywords- genetic gene species DNA

Parallel Worlds

End of an Era (1994) "Lost in the Mail" (1995) "You See But You Do Not Observe" (1995) "Gator" (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) Flashforward (1999) Hominids (2002) Humans (2003) Hybrids (2003)
Modern Physics and the Nature of Reality
"Lost in the Mail" (1995) "You See But You Do Not Observe" (1995) Starplex (1996) "Gator" (1997) Factoring Humanity (1998) Flashforward (1999) Calculating God (2000) "Iterations" (2000)

wonderful fantastic love enjoyed enjoy excellent favorite interested interesting amazing fascinating moving pleasure terrific loved exciting intriguing concept compelling entertaining brilliant beautiful funny delighted delight engaging
truth proof systems theory information scientific scientist scientists
movie movies film films music creative painting
speculative imagine imagination dream possibility dreams
write writers science fiction nonfiction story writing author authors read fantasy reading editor editors writes reader publishers essay book reviews plot literature publishing genre anthology publisher edited tale publication outline editions tales novella editing novelette robert sawyer isaac asimov asimovs orson scott card mike resnick michael crichton frederik pohl tesseracts

Neil Young's latest

Here are a couple of links where you can take a listen to Living with War, Neil Young's latest album. You owe it to yourself. Really.

Daily Kos: Neil Young: Arrested and Deported to Canada


True Majority's Neil Young Peace action campaign

Thursday, April 27, 2006

del.icio.us, extisp.icio.us, etc.

I think these are both pretty cool concepts- as you can probably see, I'm using my My del.icio.us tagroll as a way to categorize my postings. Someday, maybe I'll get good enough to figure out how to do the cool Freshtags categories box (as in the sidebar over at Freshblog; though this computer may have limitations that prevent me from doing that) but for the moment, I will leave it as is. On to extisp.icio.us. I particularly like the image display of del.icio.us tags. A picture is worth 1000 words, right? And with a wikipedia search for tag cloud, you can see even more things that people are doing with tags including the keyword density cloud for sites and many others, not all of which I've looked into yet. Anyway, that's all for right now. Not a bad first day for this new blog, I think. (I'm in second place of 2, LOL, on authority at Technorati on blog improvement now. Nowhere to go but up, right?)

The Terminal Experiment

I just finished reading The Terminal Experiment by Robert J. Sawyer a few days ago, and enjoyed it quite a bit (though it isn't my favorite of his; they are all quite good/great). I like the premise a lot- 3 AIs are created and two are altered slightly from the original. One of them becomes a murderer. I was hoping for more of the AIs' POV, as in another of Sawyer's books, Golden Fleece, but it was very good nonetheless. If you haven't read any of his books yet, I highly recommend them. Usually I get so caught up in the plot, that I have to stay up past my bedtime to finish them once I open them up.

Google sitemaps

Well, I am off and running now, thanks to info on Google sitemaps by Improbulus @ A Consuming Experience (via the blog bloke)

information on categories workarounds for blogger

These are some links to various ways that people have found to work around the whole lack of blogger categories issue. I think they all probably have +s and -s. Anyway, you can check them out for yourself (or search for more, this is not a complete listing) and see which one will best meet your needs. Good luck!

using technorati/del.icio.us combination keyword tags on posts as a way to categorize (from Ken's Meme Deflector via Freshblog)

A way to convert tags to blog search links (from the Blog Bloke @ InstaBLOKE... a bloggers natural resource)

a javascript template addition (from Pappmaskin Diaré Techblog)

using multiple blogs for categories (from oldcola)

and a summary of different Blogger hacks (including some or all of the above and more) can be found over at Freshblog
Blogger Hacks, Categories, Tips & Tricks

first post

Okay, so a new blog, here (obviously). What to write? Well, I'm not sure what I will write about here, probably just random stuff that occurs to me when it does occur to me. I wish blogger was one of the blog platforms that had categories. Are you reading this, Blogger support? I highly doubt it...

Anyway, I'll probably use tags to fake categories, I guess. So that's about all I've got for a first post. Catch ya l8r.